Welcome to Juniors Childcare.

We are a playschool based in Castlebar.


We follow the Montessori Method of teaching through the different areas, practical life, sensorial, language and arithmetic, cultural activities and creative studies..


We focus on your child’s overall development and use a variety of toys and equipment to aid and refine your child’s physical, intellectual, emotional and social skills.

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Juniors Childcare was set up in 2009; it provides care for children aged 2yrs 8 mths - 8yrs.The centre has a maximum capacity for 44 children at any one time whether it is seasonal, fulltime, part-time or after-school.

lt is managed on a day to day basis by the manager, supervisor and staff. The school is notified to the Health Service Executive (HSE) and registered with the N.C.N.A. The school strives to meet the highest standards and makes changes to any of the recommendations suggested by inspectors.

Our Team


Toni Hamrock
A little bit about myself: I trained as a Montessori teacher in 1992; from there I opened my first school on The Mall in Castlebar. In 1996 I opened my first Full time Childcare Centre. Juniors Childcare was opened in September 2009 for over 2 year olds.


Maeve Quinn
Maeve joined our staff in 1996 after finishing the Montessori Diploma and has years of experience working with children of all ages in Ireland and also taught in Australia. Maeve runs a fun and stimulating Montessori class and is also the Deputy Manager in Juniors.
Lisa Hamrock
Lisa joined our staff in 2007 after training as a Montessori Teacher. Lisa has worked in different areas of the school but now works in The Montessori class. Lisa is studying for her FETAC Level 6.
Heather Collins
Heather joined Juniors In July 2015 and will be teaching in the pre-school class. Heather is FETAC Level 6 Qualified.



The Toddler room is a busy, fun, noisy, stimulating and loving environment provided by the excellent staff working there.
Rose Gordon
Rose joined our staff in 2000 and has FETAC Level 5. Rose works in the Toddler room alongside Darrina.
Darrina Dempsey
Darrina joined our staff in 2009 and is at present training in FETAC Level 5. Darrina works in the toddler room.
Courtney Weir
Courtney joined our staff in 2010 and is a trained Montessori teacher. Courtney works in the ECCE classroom with Maeve. Courtney is studying at present for Level 6 and intends going on to achieve her Level 8.
Nathalie Saive
Nathalie joined our staff in 2009 and is a trained Montessori teacher. Natalie works in both the ECCE room and toddler room. Natalie is studying towards her Level 6.
Susan Hamrock
 (Relief Staff )

Our Mission

At Juniors Childcare we are committed to providing excellent standards of care for the holistic development of your child. Our Mission statement is to prepare and provide the most natural and life enhancing environment for the child - physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. We strive to provide a happy, secure and caring environment for the purpose of inner development and learning.

Our Aim

Our ultimate aim is to provide a childcare programme through Aistear and Síolta which promotes optimal development for each child supports parents and promote collaborations that help all children realise their potential.


The Ethos of our service is very apparent to all who visit: we have an “Open door policy".
Children, parents and staff will regard this service as an extension of the home creating a “Home from Home" environment.
We believe in ensuring that children who attend this service have the opportunity to experience:

Sociability, friendship and co-operation of others.

Equal opportunities irrespective of gender, race and disability.

Culture diversity.


A stable loving secure environment.

Stimulating surroundings.

Montessori Class Room

Age range: 3-4 yrs I Ratio: 1:11 I Room Capacity: 22 I No of Staff: 2

ln the Montessori room we follow the Montessori Method of teaching through the different areas, practical life, sensorial, language and arithmetic, cultural activities and creative studies

These are everyday tasks that children love to complete such as polishing a shoe. Directly they teach the child a skill, indirectly they promote and refine the child’s gross/fine motor development, concentration, hand and eye co-ordination and independence.

These activities encourage the refinement of the child’s senses and give them experiences that enable them to be more aware of the world around them, indirectly they prepare the child for later language and mathematical work..

Through various groups projects and activities the child’s creative attributes will be explored. This will encourage self-awareness, confidence, self-esteem and a positive self-image. Our Montessori Staff has vast experiences in a Montessori classroom and will pass this on to your child, towards the end of their time with us; the children are slowly moved away from the Montessori apparatus and taught by a more traditional approach to prepare them for the next level of their schooling.

Earlier work in practical life and sensorial exercises will have indirectly prepared the child for basic linguistic and numerical operations. The equipment in this area introduces the child directly to the world of spoken and written language as well as basic numerical mathematical operation.

The world of biology, geography, zoology and science will be opened to the child. These activities are designed to promote experiences that encourage the child to see and involve himself in the world around him.

Toddler Room

Age range: 2 and 8 mths -3 yrs I Ratio: 1:6 I Room Capacity: 12 I No of Staff: 2

We focus on your child’s overall development and use a variety of toys and equipment to aid and refine your child’s physical, intellectual, emotional and social skills. The children are still so young so short work periods are encouraged. Table top activities such as jigsaws, sorting and pairing are introduced to promote motor skills, hand/eye coordination and basic numerical and literacy skills. We have a home-corner, library, role-play, arts and crafts. Outdoor play is encouraged all year round so we encourage parents to send in wellingtons, boots and coats in winter.

After dinner we encourage the children to rest each day by chilling out on floor mats, cushions and just sitting on the couch listening to a story. In the evening time we have 15 minutes of television for the children.

Dinner is provided for children who are part-time or full time. We go by a three week menu which is displayed in the hall for your inspection. Please let us know if your child does not like something. Fresh water is also supplied.


  • Monday - Spaghetti Bolognaise
  • Tuesday - Boiled ham, potatoes and beans
  • Wednesday - Chicken Casserole
  • Thursday - Cottage Pie
  • Friday - Chips, beans and fish fingers

N.B. All meals are made with fresh ingredients. Water is provided with all meals throughout the day.

At approximately two years of age potty training will be encouraged. This process takes time and patience. The child must be both physically and cognitively ready. The school and parents must work together to make it an enjoyable experience for the child. We will give advice and encouragement on how to make the transition from nappy to pants. Child sized toilets are supplied and various potties. Please send in two changes of clothes during this time clearly labelled.



Opening Hours

The school is open 5 days a week, Monday – Friday from: 8am – 5.30pm

Juniors Childcare is open 51 weeks of the year.
The school is closed on:

  • Bank Holidays
  • Good Friday
  • 1 week over the Christmas Period

No fee concessions are given to parents who require their child to:

  • Take Holidays throughout the year
  • Take extended periods of absence throughout the summer months.


Fees Structure

  • Fees can be paid weekly, fortnightly or monthly by standing order, cheque or cash.
  • Receipts will be given to all parents.
  • A sibling discount of l0% is given.

**One month’s notice is required if you wish to take your child out of the school**

Parent's Handbook

For your convenience, we now have our "Parent's Handbook" available for download, just click button below. When the document is opened in a new window, please save it to your computer. You can print it or just keep the digital version.


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